Thursday, 23 September 2010

surf check

Underwater Concepts17


Hanalei by the Bay

1. Jeremy Greive
2. Kris Kaku
3. Chris Brunt
4. Gary Parker
5. Micah Camara

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  1. thank you for the invite on your magical bus ride, my joy from the sea is something i love to share and themagicbuscollection is a great way of helping me to share my seastoke, i see you are a friend of morgan M, i was lucky enough to meet him, tyler warren and john smart in australia at the 2009 Alley Fish Fry, small world, thanks again, keep sharing the stoke of the ocean with the world, if everyone surfed, bodysurfed or just dipped their toes in the ocean every now and again the world would be alot happier place, cheers again from 'slopgroveller' in little old NZ