Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Interview with Billabong beauty Catherine Clark

California girl Catherine Clark is a surfer, model and singer from Ventura. A huge inspiration to many, Catherine is fast becoming the face of girls surfing, with her super looks and exceptional talent both in the water and out. This girl is going places! Here's what she had to say to The Magic Bus...
Photos by Morgan Maassen


So Miss Catherine, who are you?
Ok, so to approach this question, I will start by saying there are many different parts of "who" I am. When I am with friends, I am a friend. When I am in nature, I'm wild, when I am alone, I am creativity and inspiration. But something I carry with me through all of these everyday fazes is love and appreciation. So to sum it up, I'm just another person with an extreme passion for living... meow

Where did you learn to surf and who taught you?
I learned to surf in Santa Monica when I was four. My dad pushed me into a wave and i stood up. but I didn't get into it till I was about eight or nine.

So where have you travelled? Any favourites?
Oooo good question, Bali, Tahiti, London, Hawaii, Spain, France. I am torn between my two favourites; London and Tahiti. Tahiti was an incredible spiritual place. It was so lush and beautiful, and the all around energy was really powerful. London was so cool because it was such a hustle and bustle, really alive with people and lights. They were pretty much polar opposites but both really enjoyable in their own way. And now to veer off into another subject, which kind of pertains to traveling.. just in a different way. 
I have been trying to meditate lately and it's quite incredible. The space your mind enters into is like nothing on this earth. It's a completely different field of energy compared to concrete reality. It's like your head is open space, like pure energy, and you are completely connected. It's absolutely serene.

Favourite wave?

Where does your inspiration come from, in surfing and singing?
Surfing, I really like how Dane Reynolds surfs, but since I can't comprehend most the things he does, its more awe inspiring than tangible for me to try. My all time favourite surfer is Tom Curren though, all time style. Also, Travers Adler and Trevor Gordon are also style masters of rincon and beyond. Singing wise, I really enjoy Florence and the Machine, she is really amazing, sometimes I try to sing like her, but besides that, I just kind of have my own style.

What do you do in your spare time, when you're not travelling? 
Hmmm, I'm always busy in my mind. I play music religiously, piano mostly. Paint quite often with acrylics and such, pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Poetry, and just writing. And I just started making jewelry, it's so fun! and SOO easy!!

What are your future plans?
I want to change the world with love.

Oh and tea or a warm cuppa joe?
Ummm... coffee sometimes, but love tea too. But my coffee addiction is escalating... unfortunately.
Coffee in the morn, tea in the evenin (chai to be exact). 

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