Wednesday, 6 April 2011

An interview with ocean dweller and photographer Gary Parker

Gary's photographs totally intrigue me. They draw you in, sucking you into his ocean wonderland. I think i'm addicted. His photos are beautifully composed and he injects even his most lively shots with a stillness, a moment in time. For a few seconds it's just you and the ocean, floating between the waves before you realise you're on your laptop. I can't wait to see where Gary and his pals adventure next and the photographs they take.

Check out Gary's website for a huge dose of 'seastoke':

So who are you? 
My name is Gary Parker, i'm 28 and grew up in the hills but was always drawn to the coast. I now live in Jan Juc, Victoria and work as a designer. I like to surf everyday if I can as it always makes the day a good one. 

Who and what inspires you? 
Photography has always been a big part of my life but more so recently so than ever. I seem to be inspired by everything around me when I am shooting and time seems to not exist. My parents moved around a lot when I was younger and I think that has sparked my love for travel and the unknown. For me seeing things you have never seen before makes me feel alive and capturing those moments keeps them alive. 


What is it about surfing and the ocean that tickles your fancy? 
Too be completely honest I have no idea and I don't think anyone can truly answer that one. I guess the initial spark for me began when I was around 12 years old when my parents bought a holiday house down the coast. I remember body boarding in board shorts in the middle of freezing cold winter not really realising what it was I was doing or why I was drawn to it. I would come out blue, and be cold all day but I couldn't wait to do it all again.

Do you have a camera that you use the most? What do you like about it? 
Yeah I guess my camera that I use most today is my Canon 7D but I have quite a few different cameras that I love to play with... It is quite easy however to get caught up in all the camera/tech talk but really at the end of the day they all do a similar thing. I love film and I love digital. 

Underwater Dreamin
High Five

Any thrift store finds? 
Ah the old Op-shops (thats what we call them over here.) I think every time I have ever walked into to an op shop I have only found gold...

Where have you travelled? What was your favourite and why?I love travelling and hope to travel for the rest of my life. I have been very fortunate in my existence and have experienced quite a few places. 
A favourite?? Tough question. I have never not liked anywhere that I have been if that helps. I love Indonesia for its amazing waves, weather and people, Canada for its mind blowing mountains and snowboarding, Thailand for its food, United States for its strange and wonderful cities, Costa Rica for it's laid back lifestyle, Peru for its amazing diversity in landscape, England for it's rich heritage and pubs... I could go on but like I said I love everywhere I have been. You just have to find out why people love where they live I think when you travel, then you too find a place for it...

Sunset Fun

Tell us a bit about your art 
I love creating it!

Tea or coffee? 
Coffee in the morning - tea at night.

Blogs of choice? 
There are that many amazing blogs out there right now there are too many to mention! But of course The Magic Bus! I also love Them Thangs, The Salvage Yard, Fffffound but generally I just browse. Oh and books I love books.

What projects have you got up your sleeve? 
I am working on a couple of photographic projects one called Sea Stoke, which will be exploring people and the ocean using photos and other mediums, and the other will be based around 60's and 70's cinema...

Are you enjoying the ride?
I am loving the ride. Lets go faster!


  1. Great interview and photos! Thanks for keeping the pure stoke and culture alive!

  2. yeah! great stuff! two thumbs up!

  3. Throughly enjoyed browsing through the photographs on his website after reading this. Inspirational.

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