Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ryan Lovelace Kickstarter appeal

Santa Barbara surfboard shaper, magic bus contributor and good friend Ryan Lovelace is trying to create an eco-friendly line of surfboards using alternative, plant sap based resins and recycled foam. Drawing attention to this eco-friendlier alternative to surfboard making, Ryan plans to hold a benefit, showcasing his designs and donating a percentage of the procedes towards Save Naples Coalition
The Save Naples Coalition is a local organization that works to protect a beautiful stretch of wild coastline above Santa Barbara.

Now here is where YOU can help. Ryan started a Kickstarter project to get enough donations to help drive his dream forward. There is only 36 hours left and he needs to reach his goal of $18, 000. Please please donate to this incredibly worthwhile cause. What couldn't be better than helping out a guy who makes eco-friendly surfboards and at the same time donating to help save this beautiful stretch of coastline? Every donation really does help, so give what you can afford!