Unless you have relatives and friends sprawled across the world, or you choose to visit only those locations – hotels are a must! Travelling is incomplete without selecting the right hotel. If you are going to an exotic place like Cebu for your holiday then it is mandatory that you choose the best place to stay in cebu. So here’s what you have to keep in mind after you’ve chosen the home for your vacation duration – things to keep in mind while staying in a hotel:

Stick to a chain of hotels

If you’re loyally sticking to one chain of hotels, you are sure to be rewarded with a lot of discounts, upgradations, free goodies and the best of services! So as much as you can, try to look out for your favourite hotel wherever you go – and if it’s a big name already, it’s sure to have branched out in both popular and unpopular destinations across the globe.


Try to be friendly and courteous to the staff

Because hey, the room upgradations are in their hands! So it doesn’t take a lot from you to be polite even when there has been a goof up by the staff. Choose kinder words and ensure you’ve out you’re best face and foot when it comes to dealing with the staff – who knows when they’d be so impressed by you an upgrade your room beyond your expectation?!

Extra stuff? Yes, but politely

Most people don’t know what being polite with hotel staff can fetch them. You can politely ask them for anything extra you want, and they will find it hard to decline your request because – you were polite! That’s not something they come across often – a guest who treats them like humans is something they don’t stumble across frequently. So they will do all they can to ensure your requests are met and you have a comfortable stay with them.


Special requests? Make them known

Ensure you call the hotel well in advance to make them aware of your special requests. This gives them time to make the arrangements as per your instructions. Also, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in the hotel lounge during check-in and head straight to your fully prepared room on time.

Best deals? Book late!

The best way to get the best deals is to book late – not last minute, but late. And when you’re booking late, it’s best to call the front desk. That’s the best source of information from where you would get not only a good room, but also a whopping discount! So why not try this way rather than searching online?

Things to consider before staying in a hotel

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